Sweden’s national associations for depression and anxiety are playing an important role in developing WordDiagnostics. Read about their views on WordDiagnostics.


“We see many advantages with WordDiagnostics’ open-ended word response format: It enables patients to describe their unique feelings, experiences and symptoms.”

Simone Gynnemo

Chairman of the Swedish National Association for Depression (Balans)

At Balans we think it is important to assist WordDiagnostics in creating a tool that is well adapted to the patients’ needs. We know that the current healthcare systems are neglecting depression, when in fact the diagnosis should receive more attention. WordDiagnostics enables patients to receive the right help faster. This is important because the longer a person goes with undiagnosed and untreated symptoms, their depression becomes even more difficult to treat.

Untreated depression is an unnecessary suffering, which can ultimately lead to suicide. WordDiagnostics is an important tool for identifying the type and degree of depression. With the correct diagnosis, a person gets a better understanding of their situation and the associated difficulties. With the correct name/label of the difficulties, you become less alone. The decision support tool assists in the diagnostic procedure and speeds up the possibility of receiving the right treatment.

We value the fact that WordDiagnostics also highlights aspects of health and well-being; such as including questions which focus on harmony and life satisfaction. At Balans we believe that healthcare will benefit from focusing in on what is strong and healthy in all of us - here we find the power and strength to work further for better health and increased well-being.

Riksförbundet Balans is a non-profit association for relatives and people with depression, mania or changing periods.


WordDiagnostics provides a more personal and inclusive care right from the start

Göran Hagberg

National Secretary of the Anxiety Association of Sweden

For us at the Anxiety Association, treatment is an important part of the healthcare. We value a meeting characterised by acceptance and patient participation, where the patient's perspective is at the center of the healing process. WordDiagnostics focuses on your experience as a healthcare seeker, which creates the conditions for a more personal and inclusive care. We at the Anxiety Association are involved to ensure that the patient perspective is a central part of WordDiagnostics.

The Anxiety Association of Sweden is a non-profit association that operates throughout the country. The association provides substantial support to those who suffer from various anxiety disorders as well as their loved ones and in doing so, helps the betterment of our society.

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