This is how it Works


The patient describes their symptoms and feelings in an online survey, where they answer:

  • Questions with text and descriptive words
  • Rating scales
  • Other relevant questions
  • The clinicians can also add relevant information

Analysing the Data with AI

  • Natural language processing measures the meaning of patients’ words and texts
  • Machine learning is used to find the relations between clinical data and diagnosis

Patient report

  • Clinician receives the patient report that assists the diagnostic procedure

Semantic Measures enable respondents to answer questions using words that describe their unique experiences, symptoms and problems


Over the last two weeks, have you felt depressed?

Example Word Answers

Blue Alone Depressed Divorced Hopeless


The words are objectively interpreted by AI using WD standard

WordDiagnostics is based on research carried out at Lund University

Advantages of Semantic Measures compared with rating scales:

  • - High validity
  • - Describes symptoms and problems
  • - Differentiates better between similar diagnoses

WordDiagnostics AI

combines clinically relevant information in a patient report

WordDiagnostics addresses future challenges in mental health services


A Comprehensive Solution

Combines clinically relevant information with state-of-the-art methods



The AI interprets and weights information to predict diagnosis



Patients take the survey before meeting their clinician - The clinician examines the survey report and communicates the results to the patient



All patients get the same, high-quality healthcare treatment



The semantic measures allow for open-ended and personalized responses



The AI adapts, learns and improves its accuracy as new data is acquired



Patients complete the online survey at home, on the bus or in the waiting room using their smartphone, computer etc

Awards and Funding

WordDiagnostics has received several awards for its innovative
methods and has been supported by some of the most competitive funding agencies in Sweden.

  • Lund University and Sparbanken Skåne's first prize in Award for Future Innovations (2018)
  • Venture Cup Startup of the year winner (2018)
  • Venture Cup regional final winner in the Game changer category (2018)
  • The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences’ (IVA) Top 100-list for research2business potential (2019)
  • The Family Kamprad Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research and Charity (2018)
  • Vinnova, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (2018)
  • The underlying research was funded by the Swedish Research Council (2016)


To ensure that WordDiagnostics meets both the needs of clinicians and patients, we collaborate with numerous well-known organisations.

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